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2022-09-21 08:38:42 - created by Administration - rank: God

*We have added additional mailboxes protected by the Postman Quest in following places:

1. Coldwind
-Frosty Horsemans
-Hiden tomb
-Frost Dragons
-Vampire Brides

2. Edron
-The Castle

3. Ankramesh
-Ancient Scarabs
-Ancient Lions
-Dark Hydras

4. Darashia
-Drefia Grim Reapers

5. Carlin
-Demona Warlocks

*We have added a detailed tutorial on following Sieges:

The Assassin Siege 

The Desert Siege

The Hero Siege

The Ice Siege

The Dark Siege

*Added some of the new items to the NPC's here's the list:

-Anhur's Armor - Alesar(Ankrahmun) 60,000 gold
-Goanna Scaled Armor - Alesar(Ankrahmun) 50,000 gold
-Ancient Spellbook of Death - Nah'Bob(Ankrahmun) 80,000 gold
-Victorious Sun Armor - Derbess(Shadowlock) 200,000 gold
-Ceremonial Sun Shield - Derbess(Shadowlock) 120,000 gold
-The Thundering Slayer - Derbess(Shadowlock) 160,000 gold
-Dark Arbalest - Derbess(Shadowlock) 160,000 gold
-Earth Skin Amulet - Alvares(Ankramesh) 1000 gold
-Energy Skin Amulet - Alvares(Ankramesh) 1500 gold
-Jade Serpent Wand - Rashid 50,000 gold
-Jurassic Jade Crossbow - Rashid 50,000 gold
-Jurassic Jade Bow - Rashid 30,000 gold

*Added new wiki sub page Tutorials with many useful tutorials.