Game updates → Update#5 - Desire.

2021-12-16 19:06:41 - created by GM Red - rank: Gamemaster

We have added first "Desert Siege" in Ankrahmun north east from the city and use pick like on tomb, to enter there you need one Realesta Coin and place one on coal basin. This one requires 50 level and a team with min 3 - max 6 players.

Items Reward:
1-100 platinum coin(100%)
1-100 platinum coin(100%)
1-20 small emerald(70%)
1-20 small amethys(70%)
1-20 power bolt(15%)
1-5 scarab coin(40%)
green spell wand(30%)
skull staff(15%)
boots of haste(7%)
scarab shield(30%)
scarab amulet(80%)
lich staff(9%)
serpent sword(40%)
beastslayer axe(20%)
dragon hammer(20%)
plaguebringer crossbow(6%)
giant sword(8%)
moonlight wand(8%)
pharaoh sword(1%)
blood orb(2%)

Experience Reward: 50000

We have also made some improvements and fixes:

-Added Earmuffs(1500gp) and Crystal Eye(2000gp) to Morven in Coldwind,
-Fixed summon now attacks even when running away on red hp,
-Added info about RS to auction and blocked possibility to list character from War Server,
-Improvements related to walking in the client.