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Server Started!
04 January 2019 (17:58) by God Rth - Loot event!
3x loot event is enabled now for the weekend, have fun.
02 January 2019 (17:37) by God Rth - Update #3
We would like to introduce new update. This include new spawns, quest, tasks and monsters.
24 December 2018 (21:40) by God Rth - Santa Claus!
HO-HO-HO, Merry Christmas! Santa Claus has arrived. Go there and take your present!

18 December 2018 (22:14) by God Rth - Update #2
-Added new tasks: Dark Monks, Tarantulas, Orc Riders, Grim Reapers,
-Added Grimp Reaper respawn, under Wyrms,
-Added furniture packages to NPCs instead of raw furnitures. This prevent thievery.
-Mana fluids now works like "UH Trap".
-Some client and game bugs have been fixed.

This update will approve after server save 6:00.
13 December 2018 (23:09) by God Rth - Experience event!
Dear players,

We are going to enable experience event +20% to current exp for 3 days. This event will start tomorrow 6:00 and finish Monday 6:00. Visit server info for more details. Have fun!

Realesta Team.
12 December 2018 (02:28) by God Rth - New Tasks!
We have added new tasks, all of them are related to the ColdWind. Please visit tasks and scroll down for more info. This update will be available after first server save.
09 December 2018 (20:36) by God Rth - Update #1
Dear Players,

We would like to inform you that we are adding a new content for you guys to explore which will be called "Coldwind" you can find there new spots which are hidden and for some of them you need access to be able to hunt on them. To be able to get access to the Coldwind you will need to do a mission with NPC Graubart, you can find him in the Noth Port.

The update will be available tomorrow monday after server save.

07 December 2018 (12:53) by God Rth - Client released.
Realesta Client is available to download, see you 18:00 so meanwhile prepare youself for the big start on our War Server!