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12 December 2018 (02:28) by God Rth - New Tasks!
We have added new tasks, all of them are related to the ColdWind. Please visit tasks and scroll down for more info. This update will be available after first server save.
09 December 2018 (20:36) by God Rth - Update #1
Dear Players,

We would like to inform you that we are adding a new content for you guys to explore which will be called "Coldwind" you can find there new spots which are hidden and for some of them you need access to be able to hunt on them. To be able to get access to the Coldwind you will need to do a mission with NPC Graubart, you can find him in the Noth Port.

The update will be available tomorrow monday after server save.

07 December 2018 (12:53) by God Rth - Client released.
Realesta Client is available to download, see you 18:00 so meanwhile prepare youself for the big start on our War Server!
04 December 2018 (21:47) by God Rth - News
Dear players,

This is a new era for us -  Realesta Low-rate RPG Server with the best client to provide the best wars. It is time to become serious and reliable server like it has never been before. In the past we needed every kind of support in advertisement including Punio's stream which helped us to gain many players and we are grateful for that. Unfortunately we have heard many voices from players who were not happy with Punio's involvement in this project. We are taking it seriously  and we fully understand your disappointment.  We realized it is crucial to provide equal game play for everyone without any compromises.

As the owner of Realesta Server I'd like to assure you we are going to deliver fair game play. This project is very important to me and I want you to believe in it as much as I do. 

Keep in mind Realesta wouldn't succeed without Punio's contribution, but it's time to move forward with low-rate project. 
28 November 2018 (14:38) by God Rth - Server Start!
Dear players,
We would like to announce that server launch date is set to 07.12 Friday, 18:00!
This time it's going to be stable, long-term, low-rate server with harder conditions.
All bugs have been squashed!
You are welcome to create characters now!

Visit server information for more details.
17 November 2018 (22:04) by God Rth - Announce
We are going to schedule Realesta RPG server start soon, stay tuned!
Meanwhile you can test PVP on the Realesta War server.

Realesta Team.