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2021-12-21 22:21:12 - created by Administration - rank: God

Finnaly the hardest one "The Dark Siege" in Dark Catedrial south from Outlaw Camp, to enter there you need one Realesta Coin and place one on coal basin. This one requires 100 level and a team min 3 - max 6 players. You have 3 minutes to take reward, otherwise you will be kicked and lose reward.

You need Golden Account in order to enter the Siege.

Items Reward:
1-4 crystal coin(100%)
1-30 small sapphire(70%)
1-30 small diamond(70%)
1-30 black pearl(70%)
1-5 demon dust(50%)
ritual wand(50%)
demonic crossbow(8%)
spellbook of dark mysteries(4%)
magic plate armor(6%)
terran rainbow shield(7%)
dark lord's cape(7%)
golden legs(8.5%)
gold ring(50%)
flameseeker wand(4%)
sword of decit(9%)
bloodfury axe(25%)
ravenous broadaxe(3%)
fire axe(30%)
abyss hammer(15%)
demon legs(1%)
demon shield(9%)
skull helmet(7%)
golden armor(15%)
black skull(40%)
steel boots(12%)
broken amulet(2%)

Experience Reward: 266860
Requirements: min, 100 level, Realesta Coin(per player), 2 skulls (possible to loot from Bonebeast)

1. Start from Venore, follow the map and use Realesta coin on the empty coal basin:

2. Put skull like on the screen and use lever to open first wall.

3. Go to teleport on the right and use 2 levers.

4. Go west take the Soul Orb from the coffin.

5. Go south pull the lever it will open the door.

6. Pass the door and put the Soul Orc on the blood counter.

Becareful many Lost Souls will respawn behind!

7. Now you can pass the door with red handle and go down.

8. Go like on the map, 1 player must stand north to destroy wall on the left.

9. Go left and pull the lever to open wall on the south.

10. Go south and put skull like on the map it will open teleport to the Boss Room.