Game updates → Update#6 - Desire.

2021-12-20 12:13:13 - created by GM Red - rank: Gamemaster

We have added next "Ice Siege" in Coldwind south from the city, to enter there you need one Realesta Coin and place one on coal basin. This one requires 75 level and a team with min 3 - max 6 players. Remember to take pick with you.

Items Reward:
1-100 platinum coin(100%)
1-100 platinum coin(100%)
1-100 platinum coin(100%)
1-20 small sapphire(70%)
1-20 small diamond(70%)
1-10 prismatic bolt(10%)
1-10 snowball(20%)
blue spell wand(30%)
mage's war wand(40%)
ice rapier(20%)
icicle sword(40%)
icy truncheon(8%)
vampire shield(20%)
dragon scale mail(10%)
shockbolt crossbow(10%)
runic robe(5%)
cloak of brilliance(12%)
crusader helmet(18%)
knight's broadaxe(15%)
icy rainbow shield(4%)
ruby fire stone(8%)
crystal eye(8%)
crystalline ruby(5%)
strange matter(3%)
mastermind shield(6%)

Experience Reward: 75000