2022-09-22 15:24:36 - Bug fixes.

Dear players, here is the today's, bug fix list:

-Fixed mana/hp regeneration in house beds,
-Fixed bug in Eremo, sometimes you couldn't travel,
-Fixed some weapons that couldn't be used to destroy furniture,
-Added the ability to shoot power bolts in all drain crossbows,
-Added a detailed tutorial for the last Dark Siege.

2022-09-21 11:23:58 - Update

Dear players,

We would like to present today's update on Relapse! READ MORE.

Realesta Team.

2022-09-19 23:29:13 - Compensation.

Dear players,
As a compensation for the first shutdown of the server which took place today 22:30 We are granting an additional +2 days of Golden Account per account.
If you lost any items because of this we invite you to contact us.

Realesta Team.

2022-09-16 13:52:20 - Start EQ.

We have activated the option of starting eq after leaving the Rookgaard, you will find detailed information here.

2022-09-08 13:19:35 - New incomming world!

Dear players, 

We would like to present the newly created world - Relapse.
The opening will take place 16.09 on Friday at 18:00 CET.
This time it will be played on slightly higher conditions in order to provide you with as much fun as possible.
You will find detailed information about the rates in the Server Information, all of which will appear in time, so stay tuned!

Since the last release we have made many changes to our client to make the game even more stable and enjoyable, we are also planning many new updates to the game itself.
Register faster and make a character on "Relapse" 24 hours before the launch and you will receive an extra 2 days of Golden Account!
We also encourage you to create invitations for other players via our new Referral System in order to receive an additional Premium Points!
A good warm-up before the start of your adventure you can find, for years invariably on our War Server, see you on the start!

Realesta Team.