Recania starts in:
2024-06-13 10:42:31 - New World Recania - Launch on July 5th

Dear Players,

We are excited to announce the launch of the new world "Recania", which will take place on July 5th at 20:00 Polish time (15:00 in Brazil, 14:00 ET in the USA).

The new world offers a more balanced low-rate gameplay with a slightly increased loot rate. More details can be found in our guide.


Since the last launch, we have introduced many improvements and updates since the last launch, constantly developing our servers.

Your support is crucial to us and motivates us to provide the best possible experience and a nostalgic old-school atmosphere from Tibia 7.4.

While waiting for the opening of "Recania," we recommend our war server, which has been consistently online for several years and enjoys high player attendance. This is a perfect opportunity to sharpen your skills before the upcoming launch.

Additionally, the recruitment of tutors is open on our Discord! Join here. There, you can also communicate with other players and the administration to leave suggestions for game improvements and more.

We invite you to join the Realesta community and discover a new world full of adventures and challenges. Join us on July 5th and start your adventure in "Recania"!

Remember, if you create a character on the Recania world up to 24 hours before the start, you will receive 2 free days of Golden Account!

See you in the game!

2024-05-08 13:01:42 - Worlds merge

The world of Arcanis has been merged with the world of Valhalla, all items from the houses on Arcanis have been moved to the depot.

2024-01-02 19:05:24 - Frags on Valhalla

Frags duration on Valhalla world was increased from 12/24h to 24/48h.

2023-12-23 10:33:16 - Merry Christmas and happy new year!

On this special holiday occasion, we want to warmly wish every player unforgettable adventures, successful hunts, and great loot! May this magical holiday time bring you joy and relaxation in your personal life, and also many exciting experiences on our servers.

We are very thankful for your ongoing engagement and passion for the game. We are looking forward to the coming year bringing you even more thrilling moments and surprises in the game world.

With warm wishes,
The Realesta Team

2023-12-19 13:48:54 - Database update!

Dear Players,

We have an important update regarding our database for you. Thanks to your engagement over the past few years, we've stored a wealth of valuable data. Now, to ensure the best quality and performance of the game, we're planning a brief maintenance session.



What does this mean for you?
We will be optimizing our database by removing outdated accounts. Therefore, accounts that have not been active for the past 2 years will be irreversibly deleted.

What can you do?
If you haven't logged into the game in the last 2 years but would like to keep your character, we encourage you to log in as soon as possible! It's a simple action that will ensure your character continues with us on further adventures.

Why are we doing this?
Our team is constantly striving to improve the quality of the game and ensure a smooth experience for all users. This maintenance is a step towards an even better experience for our community.

Thank you for your understanding and supporting us in the continuous development of the game. You are the most important to us!

Thank you for being a part of our wonderful community!

Realesta Team!