Server Started!
19 June 2019 (01:48) by GOD Rth - Client update!

We have made some client updates due to antibot systems and tests, because of this you have to download client again from the website, dont forget to copy hotkeys, thank you.

04 December 2018 (15:01) by GOD Rth - New host.

We are moving to better host, some informations like online list might be incorrect. Everything will goes back to normal soon.

12 November 2018 (00:47) by GOD Rth - Videos

We have some new videos made by David.

26 October 2018 (15:16) by GOD Rth - Gather time.

We are going to gather on war server at 22.00 today also with puniogaming players, don't miss the time, see you later.

11 October 2018 (17:22) by GOD Rth - New host.

We have moved to another host so in order to continue play you have to re-download client.
Also we have added mouse clicks to the cast stream.

02 October 2018 (01:38) by GOD Rth - Client new patch!

-Silenced windows defenders and some antiviruses.
-Fixed hotkeys (sometimes it being removed due to MC 
-Some optimizations to be more smooth,
-Fixed some visual details.

If you found any bugs report in on the forum.

11 September 2018 (13:05) by GOD Rth - New host.

We have moved to another host, re-download client please and continue play.

30 August 2018 (14:41) by GOD Rth - RPG Server start!

We have setup Realesta server start, visit latest news on the main website