Suggestions → FORGE BY LUCK!

2021-12-12 02:52:59 - created by Noki Destructor - rank: Player

I was thinking about something like the FORGE/TIER you know but instead of wasting so much money, u guys could just put like 10% 20% of chance, even less, and the luckiest will get the most desired item forged, not about level, not about money, not about the item.
It's all about luck.

Do with the most desired itens (Club, Sword, Axe, Wand, Rod, Bow/Crossbow or Arrow/Bolt) in that case, Thunder Hammer, Magic Sword, StoneCutter Axe I don't know about the other ones it's just a glimpse of an idea, I think u guys can come up with something cool with this.

I hope this suggestion be useful!