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2021-03-23 16:01:45 - created by Administration - rank: God

Name: The Inquisition Quest
Requirements: 70 level, The Pits of Inferno Quest
Reward: Optional for Knight: golden axe or the stomper or emerald sword. Paladin: elite scout's chestplate. Sorcerer/Druid: spellbook of dark mysteries. Optional for all: dwarven legs or crystalline ruby. 38 talons, gold ring, war backpack, 54 small diamonds, holy falcon, 50 platinum coins, energy skin amulet, 10 blood herbs, 2 ruby fire stones.
Monsters: Juggernaut, Lost Soul, Dark Torturer, Demon, Behemoth, Hellfire Fighter, Undead Dragon, Hellhound, The Count, Massive Water Elemental, Quara Predator, Quara Pincher, Quara Hydromancer, Hand of Cursed Fate, Massive Fire Elemental, Crystal Spider, Nightmare, Giant Spider, Annihilon, Hellgorak, Latrivan, Madareth, Ushuriel, Zugurosh, Golgordan.

We are starting on Edron just follow the maps:

We are done, lets go for rewards by starting from Thais boat!