Game updates → Update#6 - Renoria

2023-06-14 10:03:07 - created by Administration - rank: God

-Party shared experience bonus percent has been increased for the 3rd and 4th professions, from 30/40 to 40/60.
-The option to transfer points from Renoria to Valhalla and vice versa has been added.
-A new weapons Crystalline Crossbow and Crystalline Axe has been added to the Forge Quest.
-Passage through the first bridge in Savana Siege has been made easier, and the teleport back has been fixed.
-The ability to enchant Crystalline Blade, Axe and Hammer at NPC Milten in Coldwind has been added and the enchant is forever.
-Improved The Devil's Whisper, added area attack and Fire Drain -20, 

 *If Crystalline Blade is enchanted: Atk. 52, Def. 33, Sword +3, Fire Berserk (This means if you cast Exori target will get extra fire damage)
  *If Crystalline Hammer is enchanted: Atk. 53, Def. 32, Club +3, Fire Berserk (Same like above)
  *If Crystalline Axe is enchanted: Atk. 51, Def. 36, Club +3, Fire Berserk (Same like above)