Game updates → Update#4 - Renoria

2023-05-30 21:22:20 - created by Wickerd - rank: Gamemaster

-Added a boat connection from Venore to Ankramesh.
-Improved channel saving in the client, now they are saved per character.
-Fixed the Blue Djinn corpse, now it is displayed in the loot channel.
-Added a key to 'Colossus Fortress' in Kazordoon. (No spoiler yet)
-Tutor outfits have been added to the outfit window for accessing Auras and Shaders.
-The gate from level 99 on Rookgaard (Nature Island) has been reduced to level 70.
-Fixed several map bugs.
-Added the ability to shoot any type of ammunition with the drain Crossbows and Bows, but the only normal bolt and normal arrow will drain.