Game updates → Update#2 - Relapse

2022-09-27 21:44:17 - created by Administration - rank: God

-Added additional damage (Fire, Energy, Poison) to Berserk spell when using Elemental Blade
-Added option to buy Ghost Flask from NPC Berenice if you lost it during the quest
-Added Infernal Bolts to Magma Lizards and Magma Ragers loot
-Added additional +50 max hitpoints to an item Infernal Hood
-Increased phys protection from 2% to 4% in Mephisto Devil's Cape
-Increased phys protection from 3% to 5% and max HP from 100 to 200 in Steel of Lifestealing
-Added energy damage (80-110) to Energy Infused Wand 
-Increased distance skill from 4 to 6 and max hitchance from 10 to 20 in Devil's Whisper
-Increased protection from all elements from 3% to 4% in Elemental Rainbow Shield
-Fixed mailbox on Demona Warlocks
-Added ability to sell Dark Mushrooms to Luna Edron
-Added daily limit of parcels to send 20
-Added ability to buy Golden Apple from NPC Lorbas for 1000 gp each.
(Changed Explosive Arrows formula, in which damage now depends more on distance fighting than magic level) reverted
-Added support for "Advanced" in the skills window in the client
-Increased experience reward in some Daily Bosses
-Increased experience reward in all Daily Sieges

-Added a new very easy to use Cam System and a tutorial on how to use.

-Physical protection in Helmet of the Ancient has been raised from 3% to 4% and additional new protections added:
  *Fire +5% when helmet was charged by small ruby,
  *Energy +5% when helmet was charged by small amethyst,
  *Poison +5% when the helmet was charged by small emerald,
  *Also added the ability to re-charge the helmet at any time.

-Added new Dragons and Dragon lords respawn in Ankramesh