Game updates → Update#1 - Desire.

2021-11-18 13:07:03 - created by Administration - rank: God

*General updates:

-We are releasing a new beta client which is very well optimized and players from abroad, who have a high ping because of this, will notice a particular improvement in the smoothness of the game.

-Merging of Premium Points from each world and converting them into Realesta Coins (RC).

-Some bows have been added to more monsters to make them easier to get.

-New things like map, items, quests, monsters added on Rookgaard and Mainland.


Note! (This is not tutorial how to make the quest, it's just update demonstration)

*Game updates Mainland:

-New Island 'Castle' on near Edron(70-120 level required):
-New 3 daily bosses near Port Hope, Ice islands and Plains of havoc(Next incomming update)
-New Items boots, legs, helmet, spellbook, bow, amulet, ring, backpack and wand. All of them with abilities are shown below:
-New Monsters werewolf, werewolf spawn, venomous red spider, royal halberdier, crusader, evil monk, champion, red priest, executioner arranz, the usurper elric, archangel marcus.


00:32 You see angel boots.
It weighs 8.50 oz.
Winged shoes straight from the hands of the great heavenly cobbler. (Speed +50)

00:33 You see a backpack of heaven (Vol:28).
It weighs 7.00 oz.

00:33 You see a angelic ring that has 30 charges left (Arm:0).
It weighs 2.00 oz.
(Protection: All Elements +30%)

00:33 You see angel greaves (Arm:10).
It weighs 60.00 oz.
Sockets created endowed with divine power. (Protection: Physical +4%, Energy +5%, Fire +5%)

00:34 You see a angelic amulet that has 10 charges left (Arm:0).
It weighs 8.00 oz.(Protection 80% from physycal and energy)

00:34 You see a helmet of angel spirit (Arm:11).
It can only be wielded properly by paladins and knights.
It weighs 37.00 oz.
A miraculous helmet that protects against evil power that does not come from the gods. (Speed +20, Physical +4%, MaxHealth +50)

00:35 You see an angel bow (Atk:25).
It weighs 49.00 oz.
(Range 7, Energy Drain -20)

00:35 You see a archangel wand.
It weighs 28.00 oz.
The fantastic wand of angelic glory. (Magic +3, MaxMana +200)

*Game updates Rookgaard

-Added new nature island that contains new monster Leaf Golem, Elf, Goblin, Sibang, Merlkin, Tarantula.
-Quest with some items and possiblity to learn new spell "Very light healing" for Rookslayers.

-Added second new winter island that contains new monster Crystal Golem, Polar Bear, Frost Troll, Ghost, Frost Giant/Giantess and Ice Witch.
-Quest with some items and possiblity to learn new spell "Light Energy Strike" for Rookslayers.