Game updates → Update 1.4 - Arcanis

2023-11-18 17:31:25 - created by Administration - rank: God

-In the The Laboratory quest, the required components for crafting the 'Amulet of Life' have been updated.
-The outfit selection panel has been improved with the addition of new features for a more customized experience.
-The Savana Siege has been made more easy by reducing the number of monsters and incorporating an 'Emergency Exit' at the end.
-The Device Quest has been streamlined by limiting the number of monsters that appear, making it more manageable.
-The spawn rate of Sun Acolyte in Ankramesh has been increased, and a new quest has been introduced for level 100 adventurers.
-The stats of the Ceremonial Sun Shield have been improved, +8% fire replaced with +10% 'Life Drain' protection, and 'Fire Drain reflection' changed from -15 to -20.
-The client's options panel has been upgraded, with settings now organized into intuitively matched categories for easier navigation.