Game updates → Update 1.2 - Arcanis

2023-11-11 10:38:36 - created by Administration - rank: God

-Added a new monster known as the Ancient Dragon. Check details in the game wikipedia.

-Now, new respawns of Ancient Dragons can be found in Ankramesh. Details are available at

-A new quest has been introduced! Check the details at

-Three new outfits have been added to the game store. Golden, Arch Mage and Anonymous Outfit.


-The auction system has been improved, it now deducts a fee from the final price, simply subtracting the amount received.

-From now on, if you want to go to sleep in your house, you need to wait until the PZ disappears.

-A bug related to counting players in the anti-MC system who used the X-Log has been fixed.