Game updates → Update 1.0 - Arcanis

2023-11-05 11:14:18 - created by Maharaga - rank: Gamemaster

Here is the current list of changes and improvements that have been implemented since the server's launch to keep you up to date with the latest updates:

-A new quest has been introduced in Ankramesh Dragon Lair, where players can obtain the Dragon Shield.
-A return teleport has been added to the top of the Ice Witch Tower on Coldwind.
-Various map errors on the Verdia island in Rookgaard have been corrected.
-The character page now displays the amount of experience lost when a player dies.
-A mechanism has been implemented to check whether all monsters have been defeated in the Wyvern-related quest on Rookgaard.
-A return teleport has been added to the boss room in the Vocation Quest.
-Access to Rookslayer can now be purchased using transferred points and will be automatically assigned to the character, instead of as an item.
-A new trader named Nasir has appeared on the north of the Verdia island in Rookgaard. 
-Two new raids have been added to Coldwind (Ice Creatures) and Ankramesh (Ancient Creatures).
-Characters bought at auctions or after a ban period will now login in the temple.
-Market offers have been improved, with the oldest offers displayed first.
-A bug related to the "Heal Friend" and "Overtime Heal Friend" abilities has been fixed and the appropriate healing distance has been set.
-Many map errors on Rookgaard and the main island have been eliminated.-A "Victim list" has been added to the characters' page, which shows who you have recently killed.
-The range of monsters has been increased to avoid situations where they would attack a player without being able to see them on the screen.
-A bug related to the Yellow Skull and Player Killing (PK) has been fixed. Now it's impossible to kill a player without PK consequences if they previously had a Yellow Skull on their character.
-A new in-game chat channel, Game-Chat(BR), has been added. Enabling players to communicate in the Portuguese language.