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2021-12-08 12:12:40 - created by Administration - rank: God

-Added Outlaws raid in Rookgaard. It will be excuted manually some times on Christmas. The raid include Wild Warriors and Smugglers.
-Added a level restriction when you do tasks in the party. The formula is the same as with "shared exp" that the minimum level to which the kill count is (highestLevel * 2) / 3 e.g. (30level * 2) / 3 = 20. So minimumĀ 20 level can make tasks with 30 level.
-Added missing Blood Herb to the Market.
-Fixed bug with too far talking on default.
-Fixed bug in new client with hotkeys could not be used in some chats.
-Fixed bug with some items like magic lightwand or torch before it was infinite if you turn off.