Server Started!
18 October 2019 (14:16) New Houses!
We have added 3 new houses in Rookgaard, Have fun!
15 October 2019 (21:22) Guild Wars - Improved.
We have improved guild wars by adding guild balance so there is possiblity to fight for money and added better guide how to use it properly.
14 October 2019 (01:32) Videos

11 October 2019 (03:51) Updates and Improvements!
We would like to present the second part of the promised update, READ MORE.
10 October 2019 (13:50) Fixes.
Fully trade functionality with cap is already available after client re-download.
Don't forget to copy your config folder on closed client.
08 October 2019 (11:48) Little downtime
We have faced a technical error related to database, the problem has been solved and everything is like before. Have fun on playing!
07 October 2019 (23:28) Trade window - improvement!
We have improved trade window in the client check, READ MORE.
07 October 2019 (14:14) Server maintenance
Tomorrow 08.10, 6:00 after server save morning we will experience server downtime for around 15 minutes. We apologize for any inconveniences and we count on your understanding.