Guild: Wicklord Brotherhood

Welcome to the Dark Side.

Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
LordClutter46Elite Knight Offline
CountExord Mort13Druid Offline
CountLethal Firebender3No vocation Offline
CountMarlboro Rojo31Master Sorcerer Offline
CountSeeker Eastwood1No vocation Offline

Invited characters

Old Panfi
14, Paladin
16, Druid
Te Wa Cochar
12, Sorcerer
Eframaster Odx
12, Sorcerer
35, Paladin
Vapor Do Morro
71, Elite Knight

Active Wars

Aggressor Information Enemy

Banana Inc
Began on Oct 27 2019, 21:33:12, ended on Nov 11 2019, 20:37:53. Frag statistics: 200 to 180.

Random Army