Welcome to Realesta server!

Realesta Donation Rules:

1. Submission of a donation to, "Realesta" is a voluntary action completely unnecessary for game play on this server.
2. By submitting any type of monetary unit to Realesta, you agree that you are not entitled to receive anything from Realesta. This form of donation is completely voluntary, and is for the good of the server . Rewards are given to those who have donated as a thanks to you for your continued support of the server.
3. By submitting a donation via paypal to Realesta you agree to the terms presented in the following:
- By purchasing points you are agreeing not to charge back the money which is a violation of our rules, and as such will result in immediate deletion of all characters which do belong to the player.
- You will not dispute the charges incurred to your paypal account from your voluntary donation to Realesta.
- You realize that this is a voluntary donation, and in being a donation it is not refundable.
- You understand the concept of a "donation" and "voluntary", and agree to all the aforementioned rules.
4. By submitting a donation via paysafecard, the purchase is an agreement between Realesta and the player in which Realesta is obligated to provide points to the player right away once the payment is received and confirmed by the paysafecard system.
5. These rules may be changed at any time.