Recania starts in:
2022-09-28 07:24:11 - Update - Relapse

Dear players,

With today's server save we are introducing a new update ... READ MORE!

Realesta Team

2022-09-22 13:24:36 - Bug fixes.

Dear players, here is the today's, bug fix list:

-Fixed mana/hp regeneration in house beds,
-Fixed bug in Eremo, sometimes you couldn't travel,
-Fixed some weapons that couldn't be used to destroy furniture,
-Added the ability to shoot power bolts in all drain crossbows,
-Added a detailed tutorial for the last Dark Siege.

2022-09-21 09:23:58 - Update

Dear players,

We would like to present today's update on Relapse! READ MORE.

Realesta Team.

2022-09-19 21:29:13 - Compensation.

Dear players,
As a compensation for the first shutdown of the server which took place today 22:30 We are granting an additional +2 days of Golden Account per account.
If you lost any items because of this we invite you to contact us.

Realesta Team.

2022-09-16 11:52:20 - Start EQ.

We have activated the option of starting eq after leaving the Rookgaard, you will find detailed information here.