2022-05-23 13:32:56 - Referral links system.

Added good feature to get some extra points just before start of Riveria, referral links system and Streamers sesion on the website community category.

2022-05-18 10:18:55 - Start date confirmed.

The start of the new world has been confirmed and the previous main post has been refreshed with a new date. You can also follow the counter above.

2022-04-25 10:12:19 - Riveria start delayed.

Important information!

Dear players,

We have decided to postpone the launch a bit in order to refine all the elements and implement completely new solutions.We will also spend some extra time talking to you. We want to return to the basics of our activity, i.e. creating our server together!

This is extremely important to us and we are convinced that only with joint efforts and commitment will we be able to create the perfect place.
We will keep you informed about all changes, plans and ideas. In the nearest future we will also clarify the new start date.

Thank you for your understanding,
Realesta team.

2022-04-20 21:02:10 - New world - Riveria!

Dear players,

We are back after a long break during which we have managed to slightly improve the overall environment and the Realesta and Realera community.
We would like to announce the opening of a newly created world named "Riveria" which will take place on:
May 27th, Friday at 18:00!.

Improvements and updates which will occur before the opening can be found in our forum -> Updates - Riveria, rest will be appearing on the news.
We encourage you to register and create characters the day(24h) before the start in order to receive an extra 2 days of Golden Account.
A good warm-up before the start of your adventure you can find, for years invariably on our War Server, see you soon!

Realesta Team.

2022-04-04 18:48:07 - New SD effects on War!

Dear players,

New update on War Server, new SD effects! READ MORE

Realesta Team.