2020-04-03 10:13:09 - Worlds.

The rest worlds Redemption and Encounter are online again. Sorry for the downtime.

2020-03-31 11:02:22 - Server maintenance.

Server maintenance tomorrow 01.04 wednesday at 6:00 after global save. This process will take around 15 min and the server will be offline for this time. Sorry for problems.

2020-03-30 15:57:50 - Connection issue.

Dear Players,

We have experienced some connection problems on the side of the hosting company. All we can do now is to wait untill they will solve this. Be careful, don't go risky hunting places and don't get killed.

Compensation: +3 days of golden account for everyone and loot rate 2x for 24h from 19:00 today.

Realesta Team.

2020-03-24 11:54:36 - Rookgaard - new patch.

Dear Rookslayers,

We have added 3 new things to the Rookgaard:
-Added new 4 tasks, visit Redrook npc for more details.
-Added bank system to npc Georg.
-Monsters on Rookgaard will spawn even if you are blocking the respawn.

Realesta Team.

2020-03-23 10:31:03 - Loot rate increased!

Dear players,

The game has stabilized, so we decided to compensate the last server problems and restarts by increasing the loot rate to 2x for 3 days from 12:00 till thursday (Inactive).
We also turned casts on and wanted to inform you that WAR server will be back online soon.

Realesta Team.